Hyper-personal Investment Advisory for Next-gen Investors
We empower brokerage firms to move beyond price-based competition and offer their clients a truly differentiated, hyper-personalized investment advisory experience.
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Provide Hyper-personal advice to all your clients in real time. All the time.
Proactive contact with investors
Engage proactively with tailor-made recommendations to provide real-time added value to your clients.
Providing hyper-personalized advice
Our robust personalization algorithm takes investors' unique holdings, preferences, and other personal factors into account when calculating and distributing highly personalized recommendations to numerous investors simultaneously
Effortless advice execution
Finnovest's innovative "one-tap" automatic trading technology allows investors to swiftly authorize recommendations comprised of multiple, customized interconnected orders with just
a single tap.
Automatic compliance
An advanced compliance engine automates the entire suitability verification and documentation process, streamlining compliance and providing a frictionless experience for both investors and advisors.
What we mean by hyper-personal
One source → mass tailored recommendations
Marta, 32 | Graphic Designer
Marta is not a trader. She works in her own design studio. She doesn't know a lot about capital markets, but understands the importance of investing her savings properly. She wants a portfolio with limited risk and loves getting recommendations from her trusted investment platform, as she feels she is really 'on-it!'
John, 45 | Real-esate broker
John occasionally trades on his own . He is married with two children and struggles to find enough time to actively manage his portfolio. That's why he feels genuinely excited when he receives recommendations from his trusted investment platform. It allows him responsible decision making.
Steven, 21 | College student
Steven loves trading and is willing to take calculated risks while excepting high returns.
That's why he's so happy to effortlessly receive recommendations with a short descriptive investment rationale that provide him with all the assurance and information he needs to 'go for it'.
One source incorporates investors' unique holdings, preferences, and other personal factors into its recommendation process. It applies this methodology uniformly, catering to Marta, John, and Steve simultaneously, offering each individual tailored recommendations aligned with their distinct needs.
Groundbreaking Impact for trading facilitators
Differentiated Value for investors
Finnovest's platform drives brokerage firms beyond price-based competition. Setting them apart by providing professional hyper-personal advice under their own brand.
Increased Customer Loyalty and Engagement
By delivering real-time, hyper-personalized investment advice and streamlining the execution process,
Finnovest's platform helps brokerage firms foster stronger relationships with their clients, leading to increased
loyalty and engagement.
New Data-Driven Revenue Streams
Our platform provides brokerage firms with valuable data-driven insights that can be leveraged to develop new, high-value products and services tailored to their
clients' specific needs.
Expansion into New Market Segments
Our user-friendly, hyper-personalized platform enables brokerage firms to target new market segments, who are craving for professional guidance and advice, but are currently underserved by traditional advisory firms.
Finnovest is Pioneering the New Normal for Retail Investment
Finnovest is at the forefront of a transformative shift in the retail investment landscape, empowering brokerage firms to move beyond price-based competition and offer a truly differentiated, hyper-personalized investment advisory experience.
Finnovest is creating a new normal for retail investing - one that puts the needs and preferences of the next generation of investors at the heart of the investment process.
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