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One-to-Many advice generation
Initiated by Advisor
Enables brokerage firms to simultaneously provide hyper-personalized advice to numerous clients. This strategic solution transforms the traditional 'one-on-one' model into a 'one-to-many' approach, allowing advisors to maintain high-touch relationships with investors using only a small team of professionals.
Automated portfolio health-check
Initiated by Finnovest
The Finnovest platform continuously evaluates the risk and quality of investors' portfolios. Based on this assessment, the platform automatically generates personalized advice when the portfolio risk exceeds the acceptable threshold or when the quality of holdings needs improvement.
Advisory on demand (AOD)
Initiated by Investors
Finnovest is the first to introduce an "Advisory on Demand" (AOD) service, providing direct access to Finnovest's personalization algorithm. This service enables investors to request feedback and advice on orders they wish to place or actions they intend to take.
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