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Proactive contact with investors
Finnovest's innovative platform empowers brokerage firms to proactively engage with their investor-clients through hyper-personalized offerings in real time. This transformative approach significantly enhances the value brokers provide. Real-time added value fosters trust, leading to client loyalty and positioning brokerage firms beyond price competition. By enabling proactive engagement, Finnovest shifts the paradigm from traditional passive trading facilitation to dynamic, value-driven client relationships within the brokerage industry. Finnovest creates a win-win solution where brokerage firms can select the optimal products to market to clients, while the mass affluent enjoy unprecedented proactive service
Providing hyper-personalized advice
Finnovest's robust personalization algorithm enables brokers and advisors to produce and distribute tailored and fully compliant investment recommendations for numerous clients simultaneously. The algorithm takes investors' unique holdings, preferences and other personal factors into account and distributes highly personalized investment advice that aligns with each client's specific needs and constraints. Investors suitability is constantly revalidated. Financial products span across all asset classes available on the trading platform. This including individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and more.
Effortless Advice Execution
Finnovest's innovative "one-tap" automatic trading technology allows investors to swiftly authorize recommendations comprised of multiple, customized interconnected orders with just a single tap. The automatic trading module manages and oversees client's order flow through the broker's OMS without any human involvement. This groundbreaking approach simplifies the advice execution process while boosting conversion rates and enhancing user engagement, setting a new standard of added value that investing platforms provide their clients.
Compliance with no Human Intervention
Finnovest's advanced compliance engine automates the entire suitability verification and documentation process. It continuously checks and evaluates client profiles against investment recommendations, ensuring seamless regulatory adherence with no human intervention required.
The system automatically generates comprehensive suitability reports and advice documentation, streamlining compliance and providing a frictionless experience for both investors and advisors.
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